The legend said that love can cleanse one’s worries. I thought it that it wasn’t real. But, when I caught your eyes yesterday, I found that the legend is true. Your eyes…really turned me on. Made me forget all my problems. It’s just like God is inside you, and He really is. What you do, but you always made the flowers of my heart bloom. What you do, is keeping my heart warm. What you do, is making me chase after you.

You always do things yourself and always exert yourself over the limit, but I like it, that’s what you are, and I always liked everything about you. You never care what anybody said about you, you just did what you think is good, it is. You always smile even though you’re sad. You are the meaning of the word ‘perfect’ itself. I thanked God, because He had created you.

When I see you, I wanna have you. But, I know that wanting something is not love, it’s greed. So, I changed my mind. I wanna be with you, to show you I cared for you the most, to keep the warm in my heart, and the flowers of my heart blossom. I wanna go together with you, I wanna spend my time with you, I wanna jump all my obstacles with you.

I won’t promise that you won’t cry when you’re with me, because I don’t know what will happen. I won’t promise you that you won’t smile when you’re with me though. But, I promise you this. When you need me, I will be by your side. Maybe I will come late, or maybe I won’t come either, but I promise you that my heart won’t leave you. When I had the chance, I promise you, that I will come for you.

I finally what word ‘love’ means. Love means to be with you all the time, and to care for each other, no pain, just sweetness. And yes, I said this with my heart pounding, I Love You.


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