20/21. Story in Kendal Ngisor

My Story in Kendal Ngisor


Kendal Ngisor, a place full of joy if I may say. I have a lot of great experiences there. Well, the first time I heard that word, the first thought that came up to my mind is a place where countrymen lived. Where there’s no computer or playstation in that place. It’s right I think. But, when I came to that place, I found out that, my thoughts are right but not as right as what it seems. When I arrived to that village, Me and my friends were greeted like guests from a royal palace. We were treated like their worshipped gods, or like kings and queens for their village. They showed us Kontulan, and Soreng, their traditional dances and it’s one great show, even better than “Bukan Empat Mata” in Trans 7.  Then we arrived at the “blue camp” or in Indonesia it’s called “Tenda Biru”. I met my foster parents in Kendal Ngisor for the first time. My foster father has name, and his name is Komari. He’s a loving and a caring father. He helped me carry my bags and put it in his simple house. Well not helped, but he’s carrying them all actually, I think I exhaust him. He told me to let him carry my bags. I said I didn’t want to but he forced me to. So I have no choice but to let go of my bags and let my foster father to carry it. And then , for the first time, I arrived in Mr. Komari’s house, along with my housemates Derren and Marvill. Mr. Komari told us to put the the bags in our room, and then his wife or my foster mother, Ms. Badir, made “Sayur kacang”, and fried rice for us to eat. Mr. Komari told us to eat, in this place, eat means eat till your stomach’s full. It’s some funny ideology in this place. Marvill, Derren and I ate the foods, and our stomachs are full with foods and we are ready to excrete it in the toilet. But, because the toilet’s only had one closet, we played “hom-pim-pa”. I won, and I was the lucky one to excrete it first. Wow it’s so relaxing when you excrete your foods, because your stomach feels great. For the next two days, we went to some places and for me, it was both exciting and grungy. Excting because I met some new things that I’ve never seen before. Grungy because there’s some hard feelings both on the teacher’s and the student’s hearts. The teachers doesn’t like our kind of fun. But we,  the students, didn’t like the rules made by our teachers. So everyone is “broken” I think. Just like in Radiohead’s “Planet Telex”. So I think there’s no fun at all, I feel like I being cheated by someone. But for the next two days, we stayed in Kendal Ngisor. I spend my time with Marvill and Derren to help Mr. Komari get some grasses for the cows.  Mr. Komari has two cows. The one is white and it’s big. The second one has a zebra motive on it’s body and its not as big as the first one. Wow, it was an adventure there when we were in the forest searching for some grass. But, when we have to carry it, oh man, it’s just too heavy for me to carry it. But to make it fun, Marvill , Derren and me made a competition. If one of us reached Mr. Komari’s house first, then he’s a winner and the toilet is his. Again, I won. Actually, I used a trick. Derren, almost reached the house, and he thought that he’s going to win. But he was wrong. When he was moving slowly, I ran and I reached the house faster than him, So I won and the toilet was mine for the taking.

Kontulan, the dance that was showed to greet us, it’s great really and unique too. On the night, on 20.00, I learned Kontulan together with my friends. It was exhausting but the best part of it is the fun and the song. The fun is when we had to practice the moves, we reaaly confused on how doing it. We laughed and the villagers who were experts on Kontulan laughed too. The song. It has no rhythm, but the lyrics quite unique. The inspirations are from simple things in the village and when the music was played, the lyrics and the music melted into one and became a one good song. I really had a fun time doing this Kontulan thing. Great!

The next day, is the time for our training results to be shown to the villagers. It’s show time! There are some shows from the class and some from the villagers, and Kontulan and Soreng featuring the students from SMA Marsudirini. I always had been the center of attention. Why? When it’s time for XIA1’s show, or the time for my class to show up, I wore “Gatotkaca” costume, but I played the role as a Crazy Tourist from China, and I was told to dance like how dance should be. But I invented the “crazy dance” and used it for the show. As a result, the audience laughed and nicknamed me “The Crazy Monkey”. And when it’s time for me to do Kontulan, Markus from S2, stole my Kontulan costume that I borrowed from Mr. Komari and wore it. So, I wore Marvill’s  white jacket and my friends put glasses on my eyes. And the funny thing is, I’m not doing this with my friends. While my friends were dancing with their friends, and circling together, I stand in the middle of them and I looked like a blind man who came out of nowhere and just dancing around like a crazy lion. Once again, everybody laughed because of me.

The final day, I was very sad when I had to say my goodbyes to my foster family. Even though it’s foster, they looked like a real family. They loved us even though we are not their real children. Mr. Komari and Mrs. Badir was very sad when they knew that I had to go. They brought me some beanstalks, cabbages, and some tubers for my present. Oh it was one of the worst days in my life. We had some fun time together, but now we had to go like this it’s so unfair! But I know that I have my future waiting for me. So, I have to go and reach for my future. Maybe someday when I already become a successful person, I could go there and meet them again. Goodbye Kendal Ngisor! Thanks for the memories!


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